PRIN Grants Awarded to members of CLEAN!


We are happy to announce that three members of CLEAN have received two grants from the Italian Ministry of University and Research under the PRIN program. 

The project financed are: "… And Justice for All: Access to Courts, Trials, and Convict Rehabilitation" - JUSTALL, with principal investigators Paolo Pinotti and Giulio Zanella (UniBo) to provide novel evidence on different aspects of judicial and penitentiary effectiveness using novel, unique microdata from administrative sources in Italy and leveraging clean identification strategies. 

And the project by Gianmarco Daniele and Marco Le Moglie titled "Fighting Organized Crime", which aims to study how to fight organized crime by i) developing machine learning models to predict mafia infiltration in Italian municipalities, and by ii) building a pilot project to prevent criminal careers among young students in disadvantaged areas.