In this page you can find information about job opportunities related to CLEAN activities. 

We welcome spontaneous applications for Research Assistants interested in working with us. If you believe you would be a good fit for CLEAN, send your CV and motivational letter to Prof. Paolo Pinotti: 

In the last five years, CLEAN Research Assistants achieved excellent placements in PhD programs, such as: Stanford University, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Princeton University, University of California - Berkeley, Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa), Oxford University, London School of Economics, Rome Economics Doctorate (RED). 



Open Post-doc position

We have an open postdoc position at the CLEAN Unit in Bocconi.

We’re looking for a promising young researcher in applied economics who has completed or is close to completing a PhD. Traditionally, our unit offers excellent support for postdoc researchers (research assistants, funding for conferences, and access to a server for computationally demanding work) and gives a lot of freedom for researchers in setting their own research agenda.

The current position has a duration of 14 months and a net salary of about 3.800 euros per month.

The deadline for application is May 12th 2024. The call can be found on this link and applications can be sent using this link.