LACEA LAMES Annual Meeting


CLEAN went to the LACEA LAMES Annual Meeting, which took place in Lima (Peru) on November 3rd-5th! The event is a joint conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association Meeting (LACEA) and the Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society (LAMES). It is the most relevant academic event in the economics and econometrics fields in the region.

Giovanna Marcolongo presented an ongoing project with Silvia Marchesi (University of Milano Bicocca), titled "Knockin' on H(e)aven's door. Sovereign debt crises and hidden wealth".

Lucas Warwar presented the recent working paper "Intergenerational Mobility in the Land of Inequality", which is a joint work with Diogo Britto, Alexandre Fonseca, Paolo Pinotti, and Breno Sampaio.

Finally, Breno Sampaio gave one of the keynote lectures, regarding the effects of jobloss and unemployment insurance in Brazil on a range of outcomes. He showed how labor market schocks and policies can affect crime, domestic violence, mortality, and education.