CLEAN - LSE Seminar Series - Max Kapustin (Cornell University)


The next CLEAN seminar, in collaboration with LSE, will take place on Wednesday, February 21st 2024, from 4-5 p.m. Italian time.

The presenter will be Max Kapustin (Cornell University). The title of the paper is "We're Building Something Here: Reducing Gun Violence Without Exacerbating the Harms of Policing in Baltimore's Western District", coauthored with Aaron Chalfin, Jeremy Biddle, Cristina Layana, Brian A. Wade, Ben Struhl, and Anthony Braga (University of Pennsylvania).



The rate of Americans shot and killed in 2021 reached a near record high. Much of this gun violence is concentrated in a handful of disadvantaged neighborhoods in U.S. cities. We report on a focused strategy to reduce neighborhood gun violence. This strategy—which directs police and social service resources to the small number of people actively engaged in gun violence—was implemented in an area with a per capita rate of homicides and shootings among the very highest in the United States: Baltimore's Western police district. In the 18 months after its introduction, we estimate that the strategy reduced homicides and shootings in the Western district by roughly a third, with no evidence of spillovers to other parts of Baltimore. Importantly, despite the central role played by police in this intervention, the large reduction in gun violence was not accompanied by a broad increase in arrests.

You may follow the event online via Zoom Meetings at the following link: - Meeting ID: 935 3789 3727 - Passcode: 327396