CLEAN - LSE Seminar Series - Mahima Vasishth (Bocconi University)


The next CLEAN seminar, in collaboration with LSE, will take place on Wednesday, February 14th 2024, from 4-5 p.m. Italian time.

The presenter will be Mahima Vasishth (Bocconi University). The title of the paper is "Local Media Reports about Sexual Crimes and Judicial Outcomes in India".


Does media coverage of sexual crimes affect judicial decision-making? I answer this question using rich administrative data on the universe of cases filed in lower courts in India. I combine this court data with high-frequency daily district-level media coverage of sexual crime events that are unrelated to the case on trial. Using a generalized difference-in-difference model, I find that judges are more likely to convict individuals charged with sexual crimes that carry low punishments. I find suggestive evidence that a central mechanism behind this result is heightened judicial scrutiny of these cases in response to greater media coverage. I do not find an impact on the more serious sexual crimes that may involve forensic evidence. These findings highlight the role of media as an extra-legal factor impacting judicial decision-making processes.


You may follow the event online via Zoom Meetings at the following link: - Meeting ID: 935 3789 3727 - Passcode: 327396