CLEAN - LSE Seminar Series - Livia Menezes (University of Birmingham)


The next CLEAN seminar, in collaboration with LSE, will take place on Wednesday, March 13th 2024, from 4-5 p.m. Italian time.

The presenter will be Livia Menezes (University of Birmingham). The title of the paper is "Criminal Victimization, Workplace Performance and Staff Retention".



Victimization in crime is frequent in many countries, but the effect victimization has on individuals is poorly understood. For example, little is known about the effect of victimization on employee outcomes. In this paper, we combine rich Brazilian administrative datasets to estimate the effect of victimization in crime on the workplace performance and retention of public servants. We focus on one type of public servant, state school teachers who form a homogenous sample of workers and for whom we have high-frequency attendance records. Using individual and workplace fixed effects, we find that after becoming victims of robbery or theft - the most common crimes involving a victim - the monthly attendance of public servants in the workplace is reduced substantially. Crime victims are also more likely to change their place of work and are more likely to leave their employment.


You may follow the event online via Zoom Meetings at the following link: - Meeting ID: 935 3789 3727 - Passcode: 327396